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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For technology class this we, we were required to complete a "Technology Inventory." This basically forced us to discover the technology available in our schools, and it was really interesting what I found out.

The school I'm in now is fairly new (read: 6 years old and ALREAdy adding on), so you'd think that it might be more "up with technology" than some older schools. I can't say this is really the case.

I've visited the computer lab, and it does seem well equipped. There are plenty of new computers and a smart board for the computer teacher to use with students. Most classrooms have about 5 computers that students can use and have internet connections available. And, of course, each teacher has their own computer. The library has a relatively impressive selection of media to check out, such as digital video cameras, digital cameras, etc. The only application the school DIDN'T have was video conferencing.

After listing that, I suppose the school is rather well equipped. But, what surprised me was the lack of technology use in the school. I know that incorporating technology may be harder for teachers that have been around for a while, and it's harder to use with younger children, but still.

There is one student with disabilities in my classroom that uses the computer frequently to do learning excercises. But I haven't really seen my students use technology otherwise. My teacher didn't know much about the applications when I asked. She did know that she had web space available to create her own page, but she said she hadn't had time and that they had been given just quick instructions on how to create their own websites.

Another thing that surprised me at the school was that the morning announcements are still on the PA system. When I was in high school, we had morning announcements on TV and I know my little sister (who was in elem school at the time) also had the closed circuit broadcast announcements. The elem school she was at was definitely not brand new or in an especially affluent section, so it's interesting to see the differences in how some schools have this and others don't.

So, I didn't think that my school had exceptional technological resources when I started this post, but after rereading what I've written, I think I'm changing my mind. There are definitely plenty of resources available, but they aren't used to their potential. Teachers don't really know how to incorporate them seamlessly, if at all. Hopefully all the WONDERFUL advice I'm getting in class this year will help me to be better at integrating technology into the classroom.


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