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Sunday, September 24, 2006

With a month of classes behind me, I'm in the midst of the education program and getting ready to start multiple lesson plans. After spending two hours of group debate and planning for one lesson, I'm beginning to appreciate the amount of time that goes into a single lesson plan. I was excited to read Miguel Guhlin's blog with a lesson plan for teaching poetry to second graders.

He promoted the use of ClassBlogmeister to publish 2nd graders poems online. This would enable other classrooms to read and comment on the poems posted. Without having an account on ClassBlogmeister, I haven't had a chance to see exactly how this works, but I'm excited about the concept. As I was reading Miguel's blog, I thought that he was simply going to photocopy the poems and distribute them to the students, but then I realized that they were going online. What a great way to make all the poems accessible to the entire class! Not to mention the excitment of actually seeing your poem online! This sounds like a wonderful way to share the poems, without wasting paper...and I like the fact that students get to read the other students' poems and analyze/critique/comment on them.

I'll have to look into this ClassBlogmeister for when I'm student teaching. Anyone else have experience/ideas with this tool?


Blogger Miguel said...

Thanks for commenting. I've written some here under the title of "Hang 'em up!"

Take care,
Miguel Guhlin

7:59 PM  

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