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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I've enjoyed skimming these education blogs a lot. It's AMAZING how much information is available...between the blogs and tappedin, it's reassuring to know I'll have these resources once I begin teaching!

In my skimming, I ran across an interesting article. This teacher talked about the accomodations for one of her students with vision problems. This was actually really interesting to me because my Dad is legally blind, and uses something similar. One of the little boys in a classroom that I observed at home had some vision problems as well and it's interesting to see the options available now. I'm a little nervous about working with students who have difficulties in different areas, but it's helpful to know that I'll can get different info off the internet and from other teachers!


Blogger Susan said...

I've been teaching 15 years. I used to avidly read new professional development books from Heinemann and ASCD. Now I find that more an more often my best professional developmenet comes from teacher blogs. They tend to challenge me the most while also supporting me the most-- so many of them are willing to respond to questions and comments. I envy you finding this rich resource trove during your preservice education.

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