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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Return to Blogging!

I had all but given up on continuing this blog. I began this blog over 2 years ago to fufill a requirement for one of my education classes. I found blogging a useful outlet for all my experiences and I also enjoyed the feedback that readers often left.

However, as my last year of college rolled around, I found that I had little time left for my blog. This scarcity of time continued through the summer as I went into desperate job-seeking mode. Fortunately, I was able to find a job (better late than never!), but the whirlwind of preparations, lesson plans, paperwork, cutting, gluing, and sending notes to parents hasn't slowed down since the day I was hired. As I approach Christmas Break, I'm finally beginning to feel as if I have things a little more under control. And thus, I think I finally have some free time to reflect on my past four months as a first-year teacher.

Let me back up and quickly review the past year. In May, I graduated from my beloved college and entered into the "real world." I was still under the assumption that "teachers are needed everywhere" and I wouldn't have a problem finding a job. Despite many interviews over the summer, August came and I still didn't have a job. Thankfully, through a series of unexpected events, I got an interview at a school close to my home. I was offered a job teaching Kindergarten and after a weekend considering my options (teach Kindergarten in my home town or stay jobless), I enthusiastically agreed to teach Kindergarten.

The first few weeks seemed to drag by, but after I made it through September, the months seemed to pass quickly. I'm finally to the point where I feel that I sort of know what to expect each day and I'm beginning to see progress with many of my students. So far, I'm loving Kindergarten and I'm looking foward to the rest of the year with my students!

So, there's the synopsis of my life after my year-long hiatus from blogging! I plan to post again on some of my experiences in Kindergarten (because, boy, are there some interesting stories I can tell!!!), but I'll leave that all for another night!