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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Let's see about my experiences with technology...I think the farthest back I remember is elementary school. I remember in second grade we had computers in the classroom and got to play this math/reading game where we'd collect numbers and have to answer math or reading questions and watch out for slime monsters. We had a computer lab at my elementary school, and we went and played some of the same games, but I don't really remember how often. I don't remember when we first got a computer at home. I know my dad had one for a while, but the first time I remember using it was in third grade when I got this Kidpix game for my birthday.

I also remember my dad had a seriously old laptop and he told me that he could set it up so I could write my stories on it. (I loved writing when I was little). I was so excited at the time to use it, but now thinking about it, it was really primitive, since all I would have been able to do was type.

I've never been a computer whiz, but at the same time I'm not completely incompetant either. Until high school, I pretty much just used the computer for playing games at home and typing up papers. In high school, though, I had a computer course sophomore year that introduced me to some things (like access) that I hadn't known before. Junior and senior year of high school I learned A LOT more about computers b/c I went to a governor's school where we had to use them. Before this, I really didn't even know how to use a disk (ah I can't think of what they're called) and then I learned about USB drives, and making webpages and all that... There was one point a while ago when I kinda dabbled at making a webpage after my dad showed me about html, but I never got it online, so I just had fun making links and adding music and doing stuff like that. For my junior research class in high school, I actually had to make a webpage for my project and then had to edit the school's website.